Minutes of Meeting 10-12-09

posted Oct 15, 2009, 8:54 AM by ICNO Board   [ updated Dec 13, 2009, 9:01 AM ]

Approved with Correction
The meeting was called to order by Chairman Philip Brent at 5:30
Present were:

The minutes of The May meeting were approved by The board

Terry Daniels gave a treasures report:
Our balance is $3357.45
with no outstanding invoices to be paid

John Day reported at present we have 150 paid members.
He also reported for Monty Collins on The November 14th cocktail party to be held at Leon's. The cost of The cocktail party is to be $15.00 pp
All The neighbors will receive invitations.

Anyone may attend, however. If they choose to sign up and pay for membership, it will be held until March. The calendar for membership is March to March.
To be invited outside The boundaries and to be paid by The committee would be our police patrol, The fire dept. and The city council members.

There was discussion about various categories of membership. Bruce Moccia and The by-law committee will evaluate if various categories is feasible.

Chairman Philip Brent gave a brief background in The creation of The neighborhood organization.

Taylor Cushmore reported on Security and safety-There is continued response to The Estrella residence.
The owner of The home has been difficult but The neighbors have been vigilant in calling and reporting to code enforcement. There is continued patrolling of The residence by The police department.
The gates on The golf course being locked at night have been discontinued.  The cost to keep The gates locked at night and unlocked in The early morning is $5000.00 per year. Chairman Brent has offered to send a letter to Indian Chairman Richard Milanovich detailing our reasons why we feel that chaining The golf course at night is important.

Carl Johnson of communications notified us that we hope to have a monthly newsletter that would share information with our members.

Mark Newman showed us The blade sign that he has designed. We all agreed that it looked wonderful, Mark however is going to do one small redesign and e mail it to The board for final approval. The signs are approximently $80.00 per sign with many on The board offering to purchase signs. We decided that we would offer a free drink coupon at The cocktail party to anyone purchasing a sign. The logo that Mark has_designed will be our brand and displayed on all correspondence.

Chairman Brent displayed an article recently in The Desert Sun regarding The 7 Lakes purchase of their Indian Land Lease, for $21 million dollars. Chairman Brent asked for anyone who would be interested in chairing a committee to look into such a purchase. Doug Jones offered to be on an exploratory committee to see if a buy out might be feasible.
It was felt that this might be The time to inquire about such a land lease buy out. With The Indians having less revenues
Property values are down, they might be more receptive.

There was a question from The audience regarding The palm trees. The Indians have stated that they will not participate in The trimming of The trees. They claim that it is against their culture and that The spirit of The palm trees will be compromised.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 2, 2009, at 5:30 Leon's.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 by Chairman Brent

There were approximently 20 in attendance