Minutes of Meeting 03-30-09

posted Apr 1, 2009, 12:20 PM by ICNO Board   [ updated Dec 13, 2009, 8:45 AM ]


Minutes of the March 30th Indian Canyon North Homeowners Organization Meeting
at Leon's North

The meeting was called to order by Philip Brent at 5:30.
Board Members Present

The purpose of the meeting was to meet and hear from the police officers assigned to our area AKA Grid B5.
Lt. Booth PSPD informed the audience about ONI-office of neighborhoods, and how the system works
Involvement in the city
Improvement of life
Access to PD

NPO-neighborhood police officers
2 assigned to each neighborhood-they are here to help.

Sgt. Mike Kovaleff was introduced he is the supervisor
Officer Byron Farley 10 years in law enforcement
Officer Paola Ramos 4 years in law enforcement
April-911 operator
Leslie-asst crime prevention officer

We learned about the citizen police academy where you learn about the police department in action.
To learn more, one should go To PSPD websight and click on silent partner.

Leslie talked about neighborhood watch and handed out a residential survey To determine how safe your home is.
We were given some important city phone numbers
Emergency 911
Reporting trouble 327 1441
Information 323 8116

Lee Weigel from the city council stopped by and mentioned that with the neighborhood organizations, there has been a dramatic reduction in crime.
He signaled out Taylor Cushmore who is on the citizens on patrol-lives in the homeowners org.

Lt. Booth mentioned 2 hot spots that the police are watching:
2300 block of Camino Real
Via Estrella

We were given police statistics:
for the last 3 months
49 alarm calls
1 assault
4 residential burglaries
7 disturbances
6 thefts
1 robbery
6 burglaries of other natures

Lt. Booth stressed the importance of being cognizant of your surrounding and that of people following you.
We discussed other hot situations:
That the locks on the golf course are no longer locked-access at night
Lock box burglaries
Lighting of yards

It was mentioned that the crux of making this homeowners org. successful is to have more members and have us patrol our own neighborhoods.

Lt. Booth asked if we were e-mailing the police officers to please include him on the e mail, as well as the board.

The police staff left and we carried on with the rest of the meeting-

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved

Terry Daniel's gave the treasurers report:
$3100.00 received in dues
124 members
At present, we have a balance of $3175.00 in the bank
There is an outstanding bill for the coffee from the previous meeting-there was a motion to pay such bill. Motion approved.

Bruce gave the by-law report. He reported that they had had a meeting, and they are preparing new by-laws for approval

Taylor Cushmore gave the security report. He reported that they had met and spoken to several security companies, they are still researching the value of the watch program, and will report back.
Taylor gave us information on the PROJECT LOWJACK-that has just begun. It entails a wristband for older people who wander. 100% recovery
He mentioned the areas of concern:
Lack of chains on golfcources

Rick Lord reported on the websight:
Rick reported that it is still evolving-
It will be a source for information
History of the Canyon Country Club
Personal information
He gave us the information how to access

We thanked Monty Collins for arranging with Tony at Leon's for the room

Patrick Lynn reported that we have 124 current members

The meeting was adjourned at 6:45 by Chairman Brent

The next meeting will be held on Monday, May 4th at 5:30 at Leon's