Minutes of Meeting 11-02-09

posted Nov 5, 2009, 9:25 AM by ICNO Board   [ updated Dec 13, 2009, 9:04 AM ]

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Philip Brent at 5:30 PM on Monday, November 2, 2009, at
Leon's north.
Michael Erickson had notified us that he was away on business and would not be in attendance.
There was one member in attendance.

Chairman Brent read a letter from Carl Johnson resigning from the board for personal reasons

The meeting minutes were read. The only comment was that the previous minutes had stated that we were an association not organization. Those minutes have been revised.

The motion were approved.

Terry Daniel's read that the bank balance is $2898.51. There were a few expenses of the invitations and mailings.

Social events chairman Monty Collins gave a report on the cocktail party being held on Saturday, November 14th at Leon's south. At the present time there at 70 confirmed guests.
There was discussion regarding the way that our members get their information. It was felt that the postcard did little good, and we felt that at this time, our membership is complete.
It was felt that the best way to communicate with our membership is through the websight.

It was felt that we needed to invite the city council members to our cocktail party.

Taylor Cushmore Security has invited the police officers and fire department officials that  are key to our homeowners association.

Rick Lord has offered to bring his flip video phone to record the event.

Monty was going to see about the possibility of a pianist.

It was felt that if people wanted to pay their March dues at the party, they would be welcome to.

We discussed party membership for 2010, mainly to attack new members. The party would be in conjunction with the March meeting.
The March meeting would be held at Leon's north-Monty to arrange with the club.

At this time we have 151 members.

With the resignation of Carl Johnson, we are looking_for a Communications Director.

Philip Brent read a letter to Chairman Milanovich regarding the chaining of the gates at night. It was felt that it would be in the best interest of everyone to have the chains locked at night. The gates have been locked historically, and there is liability for the club not having them locked also. There are legal differences between locked gates and unlocked gates in the eyes of the law. With this letter, we have established that this is not our responsibility.
We are going to post the letter on the websight.

Taylor Cushmore gave the security report. There was a break in onCalle Fiero, broken glass, but nothing taken. The police are still monitoring the home on Estrella.

Monty Collins would like a stop sign on the corner of Sierra and Caliente.

Michael Erickson had given the missions statement. There were some questions, and it was agreed to table the discussion until December.

Rick Lord our Web Master discussed the role of the websight. He feels the web is functionary to the board and the primary source for communications. to the members.
The involvement to the neighborhood should be through inco
He would like to consider bringing revenue in through the websight. it is the hub of the wheel of communication. He would like to rid ourselves of our personal e mails, and use our icon addresses. Taylor would like there to be a computer at the cocktail event to show our members how to manage the websight.
It was felt that the next generation of homeowners will be even more computer savvy, so let's get going now. Rick Lord is having computer classes to show us how to work the websight.

Mark Newman was unable to attend, and had not completed the new sign blades

There was no new business nor any other old business.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:45