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End of Season Party April 16 2011

Our End of Season party, held on Saturday April 16th, was a huge success.  Once again, chairpersons Bruce Moccia and Loretta Wuller created another memorable event.  Thank you to our hosts, Tim McCormick and Jeff Brizzi, for allowing us to use their beautiful home.    Over 100 ICNO members attended, all sporting very large smiles.  Delicious food from our esteemed caterer, Ms Lynn Hammond, tickled our palates with trays and trays of bite-sized delights.  Impeccable service from the wait staff, from the bartender to the servers, and a grand group of neighbors made for a memorable soiree.   

The ICNO Board would like to thank all of our neighbors for attending and we look forward to seeing you at our Welcome Back party, scheduled for Saturday November 12, 2011.  We wish you all a wonderful summer, wherever the sun may find you.

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